Ongoing care and cleaning of commercial HVAC systems are crucial to maximizing energy efficiency and extending the lifetime of your equipment. Think of it this way: just as you check and change the oil in your car, you need to regularly check and maintain the components of your commercial HVAC system.


In a climate such as the NY-metro area, this is especially true: hot and humid summers followed by icy winters can place a huge strain on commercial HVAC systems, so it’s essential to replace worn parts and detect any issues before resulting in outages that could negatively impact your business.

At Precision-Aire, we offer a variety of different maintenance programs tailored to best suit your equipment’s specific needs. When you place your HVAC system in our care, our specially trained technicians will visit at regular intervals, thoroughly checking equipment, and performing routine preventative maintenance tasks.

Precision-Aire Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs

Our technicians perform a full operations check including these major maintenance items.

  • Checking and replacing air filters as needed.

  • Ensuring drain lines are clear and flowing.

  • Ensuring belts are in good condition.

  • Checking that coils are clean and free of dirt and debris, and cleaning as needed.

  • Inspecting your HVAC system thoroughly for potential issues.

  • Recommending upgrades or replacements as needed.

  • And any other additional checks required by your system.

Benefits of Maintaining Commercial HVAC Equipment:


  • Prolonging the life of your HVAC system. Dirt and debris cause equipment to wear down more quickly. Keeping your HVAC system clean and functioning properly will help it last longer and reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • ​Increased air quality.​ Changing filters, inspecting equipment for debris build-up, and ensuring the system operates at optimal efficiency decreases the chances of indoor air quality issues. Ill-maintained systems can have issues with particulate pollution, above-average CO2 levels, and other gaseous contaminants, negative air pressure (which encourages unfiltered air infiltration in the building envelope), and improper humidity levels (which can lead to occupant discomfort and mold-spore growth).

  • Minimizing downtime. When you properly maintain and inspect your HVAC system, you\’ll catch problems early—often before they cause an outage that could create downtime for your business or discomfort to employees and customers. In the heat of a humid Long Island summer, an air conditioning failure could result in a significant loss of business. Our maintenance plans increase the chance that we will catch potential problems before outages occur. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

  • Avoid building code violations and litigation. ​Loud HVAC equipment can break noise ordinances. And badly maintained systems will often fail to meet ASHRAE indoor air quality standards, which are often written into state and municipal building codes.

  • Lowering utility costs. When your HVAC system is dirty or encountering problems, it works harder and requires more power than it should have to in order to function. Regular preventative maintenance from a Precision-Aire technician will keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency, resulting in less power consumption and a lower utility bill.

  • ​Increasing the speed of resolution to problems. ​Even with the best maintenance in place, sometimes issues and outages will still occur. However, our emergency team will be able to more quickly diagnose and solve problems when we are familiar with your equipment and have firsthand experience with its service history.

Curious about how our commercial HVAC maintenance plans could save you money, prevent outages, and prolong the life of your equipment? Contact us today for a custom estimate!

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