Roosevelt Field: Mall HVAC Installation

Roosevelt Field mall is the ninth largest shopping mall in the country and built on the former military airfield (also called Roosevelt Field) where Charles Lindbergh began his historic trans-Atlantic flight. How fitting then, that helicopters were the transportation of choice for Precision-Aire, when we strategized on how to replace the older HVAC units that supplied the public areas of the mall.

Transporting the equipment by air solved a number of problems. It saved time because the extra large units didn’t have to be transported via ground in pieces and re-assembled on site. And air transport avoided the piping and other obstacles on the roof top that would normally prevent rolling the units into place. But using helicopters had it’s own challenge. Precision had to coordinate with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), local municipalities and police and a section of the mall had to be evacuated during installation. Once the equipment was on the roof, Precision coordinated plumbing, electrical, steelwork and the start-up of the equipment.

To make the installation even more challenging, we were on the clock. The mall did not alter it’s business hours and did not close during the replacement. The operation started at 6am and customers and retailers expected business-as-usual at 10am—an expectation that was delivered with precision!

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